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Steps to complete the process of Firmware update for your router

  • To download the latest firmware for your wireless TP-Link router, you have to look for a trusted website, from there you can get a verified and genuine file, otherwise various other website is also having this option to give you firmware update file,  but can be face or malicious. So, go to the downloads centre of the official website of TP-Link.
  • There will be options, like “Do you want to have the file for Window computer” or “Do you want to have the Firmware file for Macintosh”. Here you will have to select the option as per the device you are using.
  • Then select the hardware version that goes with your router’s hardware version and click the dropdown box to download the file. As the option for downloading, will be clicked, there will be a zipped file save to your computer desktop.
  • Unzip the file and from the location you saved it. Log in with the web-management page of your TP-Link router using the steps mentioned over, which is a customised web address that will surely lead you on the central configurational page of your router. That is also known as the login page of the router.
  • Hover your mouse toward System Tools-Firmware Upgrade or Firmware upgrade option, then tap to Choose or Browse File to take out zipped firmware file. When you found the zipped file, tap on it to install the latest firmware of your router.
  • When the process will be finished, your router will be automatically rebooted. Wait for some times, until it completes the process. To check the status of the Firmware, go to “Status” and verify that your process is being processed properly.
  • In few of the cases, the will be restored to the factory default settings, in such situation apply the “Quick Setup Wizard to reconfigure your router and previous settings.

What to do if I am unable to login into the web-based utility of TD-W9970, 300 Mbps/750 Mbps router?

 For the resolution of the above-described issue, you should be with us for the following steps, as most of the TP-link routers are can only be configured by using the web-based interface at the beginning. You can even use this method after configuring your router.

STEP 1. Follow the QIG to verify the connection between your computer and the router. Both should be connected via Ethernet cable as it is the most genuine way to get the web interface. If you are already using the Ethernet cable, then trying performing the function by using another Ethernet port. 

STEP 2. Use as the default Domain or the IP Address, if you fail to get the web-interface of your router via default username and the password. However, if you would use the exact default username and the password that is ADMIN (use in lower case) then there won't be any login issue. Moreover, you if still, you face errors, then it is better to go for factory default settings.

STEP 3. Simplify your connection and the network topology by disconnecting all the unnecessary devices. Remove the devices one by one. Remove the modems or the extender as well to have the better web-based utility interface. You can have all these end devices hooked to your router after getting the utility interface.

STEP 4. If still, the problems exist, then you can have another web browser or domain. Clear the DNS cache from the computer. Disabling the firewall and anti-virus software can work a lot to solve your problems.

STEP 5. After doing all these efforts, if still, the trouble exists, then you need to connect to your Internet Services providers. Also, verify the Default Gateways that you got through the end-devices. The Ip address should be noted down for all types of devices that you are running with your router.

User Submissions:

I am unable to find the Region/ISP/Modem has not mentioned in the compatibility list of my 3G/4G modem

It will be highly recommended to you and will be better for you to kindly ensure the 3G/4G Modem Compatibility list before purchasing the router. The list that the brand provides to you, contains tested modem having the corresponded information. If you are unable to find the list of region/ISP then you can go for another region. While doing so you need to be very careful that some of the regions may not be compatible with your router. And if your 3G/4G modem does not identify your TP-Link router or you receive such message, like “Unknown modem”, there can be two reasons for occurring such problems. You have to download the latest firmware or you can Upload modem Bin File.

How to Update Tplink Routers Firmware correct way:

Update the Firmware for your TP-Link wireless router using Tplinkwifi.net

The models which have multiple hardware versions, their hardware versions must be verified with your device. The hardware version of your device can be found in the list that is provided to you by your ISP or you can acquire the list inside the quick user manual. While upgrading your router, use the firmware that is matching with the hardware version of your router. The wrong firmware version can damage your router and can make it useless.

After finding the hardware version you should read the important instructions/Note displayed just before you proceed to upgrade. Always try to upgrade the firmware via an Ethernet cable as it is safer than to the other upgrading channels. One more that is essential to keep in mind, never turn off or remove the connection from the power outlet, as it will hamper the process and your entire upgrading would be failed to complete. This can also result in serious danger to your router.

The moment you will be downloading the firmware and pay attention to the file that is under process and after finishing save the file on a safe location inside your computer so that you can open it, the time you need it. In some special cases, the firmware version will be unable to recognise the version of your router and the modem, in that scenario, you have to manually configure the router or you can perform a factory reset as well.

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